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2016 last week: calm among the "hustle and bustle"

Release time:2016-12-30

2016 last week, the LED industry seems to be particularly calm, I do not know whether this is "quiet before the storm." However, in this calm, but also a little "noise", such as A-share market added new army - Infinity, Taiwan scholars developed the world's first single-color full-color LED ... ...

Gossip less Syria, take a look at what this week's news events worthy of attention. Jun-line is also here to wish all the LED industry in 2017 ambitious exhibition, all wishes come true.

[Big coffee dynamic]

♦ Year-end revenue "big red envelope", Huacan photoelectric and subsidiaries were credited 50 million

Huacan Optoelectronics announced on the evening of December 26 that the Company had recently received the document of Reply on Disbursement of Industrial Development Subsidy to Huacan Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. (Yiyuan Guan [2016] 39) from Zhejiang Yiwu Industrial Park Administrative Committee, And appropriated 37.5 million yuan of industrial development subsidy for Huacan Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. in the fourth quarter of 2016.

(Yiwu) Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company, recently received the Reply on Granting Industrial Development Subsidy to Lanjing Science and Technology (Yiwu) Co., Ltd. (Yiyuan Guan [2016] No. 40) by Zhejiang Yiwu Industrial Park Administrative Committee, Agreed to disburse funds of RMB 12.5 million for the industrial development subsidy in the fourth quarter of 2016, which was approved by Lanjing Science and Technology (Yiwu) Co., Ltd.

♦ In the field of VR, Tongfang shares planned to acquire the equity of Weijingxing

Beijing Tongfang Software Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Beijing Tongfang Software Co., Ltd., planned to acquire a 21% stake in Weijingxing Technology Co., Ltd., and jointly invested with Beijing Tsinghua Tonghe Planning & Design Institute Co., The total amount of the equity transferee and capital increase is RMB 95.34 million. Capital increase is completed, the company will hold 40% stake in Wei Jing, Tsinghua Tong Heng will hold 11% stake in Wei.

At present, WeiJingXing has developed core competitive products in intelligent city and intelligent display industry, including core platform software, smart city application software (CIM), CIM software and so on, which are the core technologies of 3D geographic information, information visualization and VR. Wait. Among them, "CityMaker" series of basic platform software is Wei-line of the core products.

♦ Hongli Zhihui disclosed 2016 annual results notice

Hongli Zhihui 23 evening announcement, is expected in 2016 the company's profit 12,935.83 million -9,131.17 million, down 15% over the same period last year -40%.

♦ Infineet Shenzhen Stock Exchange listed on the first day of stock rose 43.97%

Infineon Electronics (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. (Stock abbreviation: Infineon, stock code: 300582) stock December 28 in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange listed on the GEM, the stock issue price of 14.85 yuan / share, the first day closing price 21.38 yuan / share, or up to 43.97%.

Infotech latest prospectus and listing announcement shows that its 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 January to September, respectively, revenue of 386 million yuan, 451 million yuan, 527 million yuan, 448 million yuan, respectively, to achieve Net profit attributable to equity holders of the Company was RMB93,966,200, RMB65,769,400, RMB93,114,100 and RMB 46,241,400.

♦ Sanyang Aurora revenue in the first half of 740 million, accounting for over 70% of LED business

Three male Aurora recently updated prospectus. The latest prospectus published financial data for the month ended June 2016. Three male Aurora 2013, 2014, 2015, January to June 2016, respectively, revenue of 1.588 billion yuan, 1.899 billion yuan, 1.847 billion yuan, 741 million yuan, respectively, to achieve the net profit attributable to equity holders of 1.26 Billion yuan, 171 million yuan, 181 million yuan, 65,851,200 yuan.

Three male Aurora main products include LED lighting products, traditional lighting products and lighting control and other products, such as three categories of products. LED lighting products increased year by year, as of June 2016, three male Aurora LED lighting products accounted for 72.82% revenue share has reached, and this proportion in 2013 was only 16.79%.

【Market segments】

♦ NVC holds the Chinese Academy of Sciences cloud computing center, betting intelligent lighting

In the founder, former chairman Wu Changjiang was sentenced to 14 years after the two days, NVC lighting in December 23 in Huizhou held with the Chinese Academy of Sciences cloud computing center contract to promote intelligent lighting cooperation conference.

NVC Group, Hong Xiaosong, vice president of research and development in an interview that the wisdom of the lighting market is very large, like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, there are about 200,000 street lamps, the future there are many imagination. NVC to expand the wisdom of the lighting market, will be lighting services to video equipment services. Existing street lights do not have to reinvent the wheel, just increase the intelligent modules, terminals and sensors connected together, unified data storage, analysis and management.

♦ Taiwan LED epitaxial plant in the new century a positive transformation of attack CSP, plans to sell Kunshan plant

Taiwan LED epitaxial plant in the new century last Friday (December 23) to participate in law that for the future business outlook, the company said it is actively promoting the transformation, the current automotive chip-scale package (CSP) products have been scored in Taiwan And the US market, in addition, to the Chinese mainland lamp factory certification, the fastest-Ming (2017) in the first half of the year can be cut into the Chinese mainland market supply chain; next year CSP will bring restructuring benefits. The company also plans to sell Kunshan plant to further reduce the proportion of traditional blue LED.

♦ Liqin has entered a new high-end LED lamp market, with profit taking a new high next year

At present, Taiwan-based LED lamp factory Li-ching major markets in mainland China, customers include the local major depot, such as accounted for 4% of Liqing, the first major customer revenue Great Wall Motor. Another major customer Shanghai small Shito, compared to the professional headlamp factory, LED lights by Lai Ching foundry. In addition, Guangzhou Xiaosi, BYD is Laiqing customers.

Li Qing more than 9 percent revenue from the lights, the next few years revenue growth will be stable. In addition, the mainland on the implementation of small displacement car tax by half, this policy expires at the end of this year, has been from the end of the third quarter to stimulate a wave of buying gas, so Liqing the past three months, a substantial monthly revenue, The annual growth rate of 4 to 8 percent, is expected in the fourth quarter revenue will open a new high. In addition to the mainland depot, Lai also through the Italian lamp factory OLSA, into the Mercedes Benz automotive supply chain, has made 3 models of the order to direction lights, fog lights and daytime running lights, with a small headlights , And gradually to the high-end market forward.

【Technology coffee】

♦ Taiwan researchers develop the world's first full-color LED, is expected to go beyond OLED?

Ostendo Epi Lab., Of Ostendo Tech Inc., has developed the world's first single-crystal full-color LED. They use gallium nitride materials developed three special quantum structure, can issue three different colors of light, can be a separate injection can also be mixed emission. Because of the power-saving and long-life characteristics of LEDs, full-color LED displays with full-color LEDs will likely replace LCDs, or even organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs).

【Year-end Summary】

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