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Energy efficiency labeling requirements for lighting products updated

Release time:2017-01-14

Recently, the European Commission's Eco-Design Directive, the Code Commission, has discussed energy-efficiency labeling requirements for directional lights (household and special directional lights), LED bulbs and related luminaires. A new technical regulation was developed to replace the existing energy efficiency labeling directive 874/2012 / EU in order to better assess the energy efficiency of products after summarizing the energy efficiency requirements of existing lighting products.

The new regulation is currently in the draft discussion stage, is expected to be September 1, 2018 formally entered into force in September 1, 2025 will be re-audited to confirm whether the need to update.

The scope of the product to which the new regulation applies

Including general lighting products and lighting products components;

Luminous flux output 60lm ~ 100klm;

The color rendering index is not less than 0;

Major updates

The new regulations have made significant changes to the calculation of the energy efficiency level, no longer need to calculate the energy efficiency according to the complex formula, according to the light efficiency, the initial classification is as follows:

The energy efficiency label template also has some updates, the initial draft version is as follows, its size, color and other requirements are different from the original instructions